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Book Four in the Castle Clubhouse Series

Former Castle Clubhouse child star Joe Trent has a goal in life—to be the best firefighter paramedic in L.A. County, like his late father. Oh, and to avoid ever giving his heart away. Not a problem until a haunting dream has him searching for a unknown blonde and a strong willed, infuriating nurse begins work at the hospital. Although it seems the nurse’s job is to make his life miserable, there’s an unexplainable attraction that lights him on fire. But what about the beautiful, ethereal blonde from his dream that he cannot forget? In addition, someone is helping former members of the Castle Clubhouse cast to find true love. Could it be his turn?

After a troubled life in Boston, Chris Hamilton has come West for a new life. The job at the hospital seems heaven sent, with the exception of the exasperating, sarcastic, and yes handsome, paramedic she has to deal with on a daily basis. Maybe it’s a good thing that he’s got her having feelings once more—agitation, annoyance, fury. And desires she thought she’d never have again.

But when Joe and Chris are forced into a bet against her annoying brother, they’ll have to work closely together to come out the winners, while at the same time, protecting their hearts. It shouldn’t be a problem unless you believe the old saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

It’s clean, wholesome fun in this love story when these two collide in a comedy of dreams, dares, and Dalmatians.  Available at


A “Christmas In Charity” Book

All Carol Baker wants for Christmas is the courage to speak to Dr. Bradley Moore, Charity’s own prominent scientist and professor, and the man she’s secretly in love with. When an opportunity at her school gives her a reason to approach him, she wonders if this Christmas she’ll finally conquer the fear that has plagued her since she was a teenager. If Brad is half the man she thinks, he’ll at least give her a chance.

Brad Moore is busier that he ever thought possible. With the success of his research paper, he’s now the king of the science world and darling of the media. In addition to teaching his Carol of the Bellsclasses and caring for his sick mother. When the shy, attractive kindergarten teacher he’s seen around town approaches him with a request, he’s touched. And will do anything he can to help her.

But as the two get to know each other, the forces pushing Brad to the top are also shoving Carol to the ground and deep-seated fears and doubt will have to be dealt with before either can truly experience the joy the season.

Everyone’s back—Grace, Mac, Holly, and Big Jed—to get you again believing in the healing power of Christmas.

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Book Three in the Castle Clubhouse Series

Romance writer Victoria Adams is having trouble writing the hero of her new book. But on a cross-country flight, she finds the perfect role model sitting next to her. Little does she know that the man is television star Samuel Delaney or that their brief encounter will change the TheWriteOne_FinalHRcourse of her career. Or that she will lose her heart in the process.

Samuel Delaney loves living the Hollywood lifestyle. Until he meets the shy, pretty writer sitting next to him. All of a sudden his life seems shallow and unfulfilling in comparison to talking with Tori. He wants to see her again and must come up with a plan so they can get to know each other.

But can their very different worlds ever come together? Can the ending to their story be as satisfying as Tori’s books? Maybe so. Especially if Sam is The Write One.

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Final chapter in the Beaumont Family Series

Adam Beaumont’s world is all about work and family. Family being his parents and siblings. Since having his heart demolished years ago, he’s given up on the dream of falling in love and settling down, which is okay with him. And now just as his career is on the verge of something big, she walks back into his life . . .

Carly Washington has never forgotten the man whose heart she broke. But surely in a city the size of Orlando they can avoid each other. When they happen to meet again, all the pain and guilt of her leaving returns doubled.HeartbreakFinal

They decide to be cordial, even friendly to each other, neither giving the other the chance to become important again. But when absurd accidents begin to happen to them, Adam’s determination to keep his heart in tact is put to the test as he yearns to protect Carly. And as they grow closer, can he help heal the breach between her and his family and at the same time keep his heart from breaking again?

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What happens when fate turns your plans upside down? 

Popular singer Matthew Mackenzie had his life all mapped out and was enjoying every moment of it. Successful, single, rich, powerful, he was in control of everything and everyone. Except for Jennifer Van Dyke. His co-star from the classic children’s show Castle Clubhouse always seemed to grab his attention. Now he needs her for a project and she seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. But nothing is going to stop him from finding her and helping AChangeOfPlans_200her, no matter what’s going on in her life.

There are worse things in life than to be hiding out in Queens, New York, working three jobs to make ends meet. Even though she’d been the darling of Broadway, her new life, though exhausting, has plenty of perks. Two, in particular, and they both have Matthew Mackenzie’s bright blue eyes.

When Matt discovers the truth about Jennifer’s life, he decides to stick around for a while and help. But will this revelation cause a permanent shift in his plans? Will he discover that sometimes fate has even better ones?

A humorous and heartwarming sweet romance, A Change Of Plans is book two of the Castle Clubhouse series.

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Sam Beaumont is a lucky guy. As a partner in a successful private investigations agency he can order his life just the way he wants. Especially now that they’ve hired a receptionist that has the office running smoothly. He’s grateful to Lydia, the quiet, efficient woman, with her violet eyes and mysterious past. She intrigues him. And there’s nothing Sam likes better than solving a puzzle. Lydia could be the most pleasurable puzzle he’s tangled with yet.

Lydia Perkins never guessed that her temporary assignment as receptionist for McCoy Beaumont Investigations HeartAttackCoverwould become permanent. The excitement she’s feeling is not only due to having stable employment but also her proximity to Sam Beaumont.

Or it could be panic that he’ll discover her sketchy past.

Trouble with a difficult case has Sam asking Lydia for assistance—a clever way to find out more about the woman. However, when she begins receiving harassing phone calls, he wonders if he’s put her in danger. Or if it somehow has to do with her past. Either way, he’s determined to protect her from any attack.

But nothing can protect their hearts as their attraction intensifies. And each must learn to trust the other not only with their past, but with their future. Book Three of the Beaumont Family Series.

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From Amazon Best Selling Author Malinda Martin comes a sweet holiday romance filled with the innocence and hope of children at Christmastime.

Single mom Melissa Fitzgerald is raising two children, working a fulltime job, and running a local help center that provides food and services for Orlando’s less fortunate. Now add Christmas! All she wants is to give her kids a nice holiday season. Their request of a “father figure” to attend holiday events with them frustrates Melissa. Even more Christmas Daddisturbing is their pick for the position—the handsome new transient frequenting the help center.

Jack Andrews is definitely in a bad place in his life. No job, no money, no options. The only bright spot in his life is seeing Bethany and Samuel Fitzgerald, children of the director of the inner city help center where he’s taking his meals. He’s not so sure about their mother, however.

When the children present him with their Christmas plan, he’s surprised. And intrigued. If he can figure out how to deal with their mother, it could be an interesting and profitable Christmas after all. Even though he carries secrets that could ruin the holiday for everyone.

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Welcome back to Charity, Florida for book three of the Christmas in Charity Series.Merry Mary UPDATE

Mary Swenson’s vision of a quiet Christmas spent with her father is shattered when she’s made the director of the Charity, Florida Christmas Eve Parade. Then her estranged mother, a successful events planner in New York, shows up with a sexy assistant to help plan the parade.

Trevor Crane isn’t exactly sure why he’s in a small Florida town for the holidays. He only knows that his employer, the spirited Merrilyn Kennedy Swenson, needs him and if he’s going to takeover her business one day, he’ll do her bidding. Even if it means ignoring how beautiful her daughter Mary is.

As Mary and Trevor work together on the town’s parade, they come to several conclusions. Mary determines that she can help her parents mend their broken marriage. Trevor realizes that his job may not be as secure as he thought. And both discover the attraction that they feel for each other is inescapable.

All your favorite Charity characters are back to enjoy the season in the charming small town that lives up to its name.

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   Donovan Baxter leads a charmed life.  An actor from the old children’s show Castle Clubhouse, Donovan has become a major motion picture star as well as a   powerful Hollywood mogul. His current project has him portraying a family man in a new movie. All he needs is a grounded mother figure that can teach him what family is all about. And who could be better than the woman recently dubbed “America’s Favorite Mom.” He’ll just ignore his attraction to the kind, warm, and beautiful woman.

Widowed Cassie Brown is trying to build a new life for herself and her children. She hadn’t planned on becoming a celebrity after her fluke appearance in a napkin commercial. Now she’s in Hollywood working on a movie with the “Hottest Man Alive,” Donovan Baxter. If that isn’t hard enough, the feelings she’s developing for Donovan are anything but motherly.

Thrown together in the world of Hollywood, neither can deny their growing attraction. When they agree to a ludicrous plan to satisfy them both, they’re unprepared for the consequences that will impact her children, his career, the country, not to mention their hearts. And as Cassie deals with her increasing guilt, Donovan deals with a past that continues to torment him.

The first book in the “Castle Clubhouse” series, The Movie Star And The Mom will have you believing in the power of love before the director can yell “Cut!”

Book One of the Castle Clubhouse Romance series.

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Logan Beaumont has worked hard to get where he is—a successful attorney with the largest law firm in the city. And HeartAndSoul     he’s done it without the help of his father, who owns a rival law firm. A partnership is waiting for him if he can just continue on his course and ignore distractions, like his family. And beautiful women, especially beauty queens. Then he meets her. And all his vows start to go by the wayside.

Former beauty queen, Melody Donahue needs a lawyer that’s tough but compassionate. Logan is not that lawyer. He’s brash, arrogant, and rude. And she hates the fact that she’s attracted to him anyway.

When they find themselves on opposite sides of the courtroom, they determine to keep their association confined to the case. But when someone begins attacking Melody, Logan feels the need to protect and finds himself drawn to the quiet, kind woman. But will his feelings for Melody take away everything he’s worked for? Melody has her own troubles as her interest in Logan brings up her pain from the past. Can she work through those scars to have a healthy relationship?

To make it work, they’ll both have to learn how to love with heart and soul.

Book two of the Beaumont Family Series.

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From Amazon Best Selling Author Malinda Martin comes a holiday romance filled with humor, warmth, and SleepInHeavenlyPeaceInnFinalChristmas magic.

What could be a better destination for the holidays than a peaceful bed and breakfast tucked in the picturesque mountains of Vermont?  Welcome to the Sleep In Heavenly Peace Inn.

Mary Michaels, the innkeeper, is very good at her job.  And at hiding her growing attraction for the inn’s handyman, Joe Puletti.Friend of her late husband, Joe is a great catch, but with a five-year old son and complications from her past, Mary is not.

Lila Benson needs to reinvent her life.  What the quiet, second grade teacher doesn’t need is to run into a face from her past—Dan Hamilton, football star that she tutored in high school. And fell hopelessly in love with.

Celia and Richard Davis want to give their kids one last memorable family vacation before the divorce is final.  But the kids have other plans.

Can these relationships be saved?  Anything’s possible at Christmas and there’s no better place than the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Inn for miracles to happen.  Especially with the help of three children, a man with a white beard, the inn’s mysterious manager, and a reindeer.

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      From Amazon best selling author Malinda Martin, return to Charity, Florida for another heartwarming Christmas romance.

Joy Bisset is starting to love the little central Florida town of Charity.  Not a good idea.  In order to keep her heart intact she’s determined that she will not stay anywhere longer than six months.  But seeing Holly, Noel, and their lonely father Ross struggling, she can’t help but lend a hand.  She just has to remember not to love them too much.  Because she is leaving.

Ross Jackson doesn’t have time for romance.  He’s swamped as it is, running a business and most importantly raising his two children.  But the lonely widower can’t resist the petite new waitress at Hal’s Place and gratefully accepts her help with the kids.

Then when Joy needs help, Ross and his family come to her rescue.  It doesn’t have to be personal and he doesn’t have to forget the vows he made to his late wife.  And she doesn’t have to lose her heart to the strong, handsome man.

But Christmas is a season for miracles, especially in Charity.

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Would you ever forget Christmas?

Ali Benson didn’t think she was capable of ever forgetting her favorite holiday. But when she wakes up from a car crash she discovers not only has she forgotten that it’s the holiday season, but she’s also forgotten the past six months of her life. Which wouldn’t be so bad except for a few pertinent facts. Apparently after a whirlwind courtship, she’s engaged to marry

Forgetting Christmas

. . . her boss

. . . the one she’s secretly been in love with for years

. . . hater of all things Christmas.

And that wedding is scheduled for Christmas Day!

As her bruised mind scrambles to catch up, she tries to put the pieces together to remember her past and plan for her future.

Michael Grayson is in a hurry.  He doesn’t have time for the celebrations and complications of Christmas.  All he wants is to marry Ali and be done with it.  But in order to do that he has to keep her from remembering.  Or face her rejection.

Ali and Michael deal with the season in different ways as she tries to remember and he tries to forget.  But this Christmas they’ll both have to confront the truth.

And hopefully find that sometimes remembering is the best part of Christmas.

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She’d loved him from afar and dreamed of one day meeting him.  Who knew it would be in jail.

As an up and coming attorney, Julie Beaumont volunteers time as a public defender.  However, she could have never guessed that one of the cases assigned to her would be defending Steven Rivers, famous singer/musician and Julie’s first love.  After getting him absolved of murder, she is determined to find the real murderer and clear Steven of suspicion.  After all, she wants to give something back to the man that gave her years of happiness with his songs. That’s all.  Nothing more.  At least that’s what she keepstelling herself.

Steven Rivers’ life is in the gutter, and falling further until he meets a petite, brunette lawyer with fire in her eyes.  Although not his normal type of woman (How come she’s not falling at his feet?) Julie Beaumont intrigues him.  And more.  But when the actual murderer objects to Julie’s investigating, he realizes that he must do more than lust after her.

It’s a “whodunit” with the unlikely alliance of a forceful, conventional attorney and a celebrity singer.  Together they’ll find the true culprit or die trying.  And in the meantime, discover feelings for each other that make the heart throb.

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High school sweethearts are reunited at work and must face their painful past.


 Jane Kendall has her big chance. She’s been assigned to develop the marketing campaign for “CARL” the new robot computer toy that’s going to take the world by storm. Everything is going great!
. . . until she sees the president of the toy company which also happens to be her first love and the boy that broke her heart.

 Jason Collins has worked hard for years for just this moment—the introduction of his brainchild, “CARL.” The last thing he needs is the distraction of his high school sweetheart suddenly back in his life working with him. Working closely with him.

 Now as the two work together for the company’s promotional campaign, they discover a shocking secret about their past together. As they deal with the new revelations about their past they realize they must also deal with a burning passion that was never quite extinguished.
As Jane and Jason work hard to fulfill their dreams, perhaps “CARL” can help them see what their deepest dreams really are.

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A heartwarming Christmas story about forgiveness.

  It’s the most wonderful time of year for everyone in the small town of Charity, Florida. Everyone, that is except for Grace Hudson. Grace associates Christmas with bad memories and is determined to be immune from the cheerful holiday. All she really wants is to sell the diner that she inherited and move North to the glorious anonymity of New York City.

 Stuart “Mac” McCrae loves Christmas! As an award-winning photographer he just needs to get that one perfect picture before heading south for the holidays. The only thing holding him back is the small, undecorated diner that sits in the middle of the beautiful main street of Charity. Determined to get that picture, Mac sets out on a quest to reintroduce Grace to the beloved holiday, unknowingly bringing her face to face with the pain of a long ago Christmas. Can Mac help Grace let go of the past and again embrace Christmas before his deadline to get the perfect picture passes?

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