February 13, 2016
by malindamartin
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Sam Beaumont is a lucky guy. As a partner in a successful private investigations agency he can order his life just the way he wants. Especially now that they’ve hired a receptionist that has the office running smoothly. He’s grateful to Lydia, the quiet, efficient woman, with her violet eyes and mysterious past. She intrigues him. And there’s nothing Sam likes better than solving a puzzle. Lydia could be the most pleasurable puzzle he’s tangled with yet.

Lydia Perkins never guessed that her temporary assignment as receptionist for McCoy Beaumont Investigations would become permanent. The excitement she’s feeling is not only due to having stable employment but also her proximity to Sam Beaumont.

Or it could be panic that he’ll discover her sketchy past.

Trouble with a difficult case has Sam asking Lydia for assistance—a clever way to find out more about the woman. However, when she begins receiving harassing phone calls, he wonders if he’s put her in danger. Or if it somehow has to do with her past. Either way, he’s determined to protect her from any attack.HeartAttackCover

But nothing can protect their hearts as their attraction intensifies. And each   must learn to trust the other not only with their past, but with their future.


Available at

December 1, 2015
by malindamartin
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CHRISTMAS DAD is now available!

‘Tis the season for a new holiday storyChristmas Dad.

Single mom Melissa Fitzgerald is raising two children, working a fulltime job, and   running a local help center that provides food and services for Orlando’s less fortunate. Now add Christmas! All she wants is to give her kids a nice holiday season. Their request of a “father figure” to attend holiday events with them frustrates Melissa. Even more disturbing is their pick for the position—the handsome new transient frequenting the help center.

Jack Andrews is definitely in a bad place in his life. No job, no money, no options. The only bright spot in his life is seeing Bethany and Samuel Fitzgerald, children of the director of the inner city help center where he’s taking his meals. He’s not so sure about their mother, however.

When the children present him with their Christmas plan, he’s surprised. And intrigued. If he can figure out how to deal with their mother, it could be an interesting and profitable Christmas after all. Even though he carries secrets that could ruin the holiday for everyone.

I hope you’ll check out my new sweet Christmas romance, available now on Amazon in e-book or print form.

Merry Christmas!




November 6, 2015
by malindamartin
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Merry Mary

Merry Mary Christmas!

Book three of the Christmas in Charity series is now available at

Merry Mary UPDATE


You met Mary Swenson last year. She’s the pretty blonde real estate agent in Charity and friend of Grace McCrae. Her holiday season is about to explode and she’s going to need the kindness, the caring, the love of all of  Charity to help her through.

There’s plenty of fun as the folks of Charity prepare for a Christmas Eve Parade and their preparations will have you chuckling. There are surprises for Mac and Grace and Big Jed. It all promises to be a memorable Christmas in Charity.

But is there any other kind?

I hope you’ll check out Merry Mary and then post a review on amazon or goodreads. Spread the word that sweet romance lives!!



October 7, 2015
by malindamartin
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Coming this month: The Movie Star And The Mom

Hey everyone,
I’m so excited to tell you about my upcoming book, The Movie Star And The Mom, available on October 27.
Cassie Brown is a widowed mother of four who, through a series of events, has found herself in California, auditioning to be in a movie at the request of famous actor Donovan Baxter. She knows nothing about movie making or Hollywood. Or Donovan Baxter, for that matter. But she’s determined to make a new life for herself and her children and decides to give Southern California a try.
Donovan Baxter, Hollywood mover and shaker, voted “Hottest Man Alive,” is making a new kind of movie, a family comedy. He needs a mother figure that can help make him believable as a family man and Cassie Brown is his choice.
But her kind and nurturing spirit touches him in a way that no one else ever has. Incredibly, he finds himself attracted to the pretty, young mother. Cassie, too, is fascinated by the confident man with the deep sadness behind the blue eyes. As their relationship begins to deepen, they find they must deal with not only the differences in their lives, but the paparazzi, her children, and a large dog named “Goliath.”
A sweet love story with humor, warmth, and plenty of chocolate chip cookies.
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

June 8, 2015
by malindamartin
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Heart And Soul

It’s here! Book Two of the Beaumont Family Series-



Logan Beaumont has worked hard to get where he is—a successful attorney with the largest law firm in the city. And he’s done it without the help of his father, who owns a rival law firm. A partnership is waiting for him if he can just continue on his course and ignore distractions, like his family. And beautiful women, especially beauty queens.

HeartAndSoul  And then he meets her. And all his vows start to go by the wayside.

Former beauty queen, Melody Donahue needs a lawyer that’s tough but   compassionate. Logan is not that lawyer. He’s brash, arrogant, and rude. And she hates the fact that she’s attracted to him anyway.

When they find themselves on opposite sides of the courtroom, they determine to keep their association confined to the case. But when someone begins attacking Melody, Logan feels the need to protect and finds himself drawn to the quiet, kind woman. But will his feelings for Melody take away everything he’s worked for? Melody has her own troubles as her interest in Logan brings up her pain from the past. Can she work through those scars to have a healthy relationship?

To make it work, they’ll both have to learn how to love with heart and soul.





May 20, 2015
by malindamartin
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A Dose of Happiness-A Kind of Hush

This past weekend my husband and I heard legendary singer Peter Noone from the 60’s group Herman’s Hermits. Besides being a good entertainer, Peter just makes me smile with his wit and music.

I’m always looking for good music that inspires me to write and “A Kind of Hush” does just that. It is a happy song that reminds me to focus on love in this world.

Take a minute to relax and enjoy . . .


May 4, 2015
by malindamartin
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A Dose of Happiness-An Impromptu Concert

I love shopping malls. I love musical theatre. When you combine the two, the following is what happens. It makes me so happy.

Enjoy, and have a great week!


April 6, 2015
by malindamartin
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A Dose of Happiness-The Beach Boys


Music has power. It can make you laugh, cry, or scream, evoking every emotion there is. Including happiness. Whenever I’m sad, my go-to music of choice is The Beach Boys. They make life a little bit easier with their fun words and uplifting melodies. They fill my mind with the carefree pictures of beautiful beaches, playing in the surf, driving a fast car, being young, and just having “Fun, Fun, Fun.”

As you start your week, enjoy one of my favorites, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face!




March 22, 2015
by malindamartin
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A Dose of Happiness – The Sound of Music


Can anything be happier than Julie Andrews on top of a mountain singing a beautiful song? I don’t think so.

Years ago, when I was just an infant 🙂 my parents took me to see The Sound of Music and now, 50 years later the classic movie still moves me.

I think it was the beautifully done love story that started my appreciation of romance. The sweet romance between the captain and Maria is portrayed on the screen with innocence, purity, and authenticity, something we rarely see in movies today. It is the epitome of a true love story that I never get tired of.

It is my goal as a writer of romance to create beautiful love stories that move my readers. And hopefully help us all love just a little more deeply and genuinely.

On this Monday, enjoy a dose of happiness with the song that still has us singing 50 years later.




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